• Vera Kobalia

    Vera Kobalia

    Former Minister of Economy. Current Adviser to Governments (innovation in public sector). Women Advocate.👭Trying to change how girls think about careers.

  • Ilya Blay

    Ilya Blay

  • Moe Saleh

    Moe Saleh

    Born and Raised in New York City I was taught to “Fugghed about it”… sometimes you have to remember, here I am sharing those experiences.

  • milinsky


    Recruiter @ FB. Infinitely curious technophile, MMA addict, interior design junkie, and avid consumer of good scotch. Mover, shaker, world-changer.

  • Aldo Bello

    Aldo Bello

  • Matt M

    Matt M

  • Arnold Jerome

    Arnold Jerome

  • E Guptha

    E Guptha

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